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Trump’s Policies Have Brought Jobs & Prosperity. Democratic Socialism Won’t

“We can’t just drill our way out of the problem.” 
Former President Obama.

Yes, we can. And did. And as a result, America is now the largest crude oil producer in the world

Mr. “You didn’t build that” Obama operates on the socialistic assumption that the government has to fix every problem. But the government can’t fix every problem. That’s not its proper function.

The government’s primary role is to keep Americans safe by enforcing our Constitution and laws, defending us against foreign threats, keeping terrorist threats at bay. This is one reason why border security is so paramount. Nothing to do with xenophobia.

Government helps solve other societal issues mainly by getting out of the way and letting American ingenuity and problem solvers do their thing.

In my view, President Trump understands this much better than former President Obama. That’s why he has deregulated the system and helped passed major tax reform that encouraged businesses to expand as well as helps new businesses get started. He also opened pipeline production that Obama was preventing. The current GDP rise to over 4% growth, thousands of new jobs coming back to the US shores, and more bonuses in the pockets of American workers, has been the predictable result. Jobless claims are way down as millions of new jobs have been created.  Former President Obama claimed that Trump would have no “magic wand” to bring jobs back, but Trump didn’t need to use magic, he simply encouraged capitalistic, free-market principles.

Former President Obama claimed that Trump would have no “magic wand” to bring jobs back, but Trump didn’t need to use magic, he simply encouraged capitalistic, free-market principles.

Democratic socialism— the latest trend– ignores reality. Someone still has pay for all the “free” stuff. The billions needed can’t just come out of all the rich people’s pockets. It comes out of everyone’s pocket. But even then it’s not sustainable. An economy generating income through new jobs and innovation is the fuel of prosperity, not costly social programs that will depend on taxing everyone into oblivion. Democratic socialism is wrong for America:

“Democratic socialism runs counter to the principles of American exceptionalism. That’s why removing the unnecessary regulations, lowering tax rates for all Americans and shifting the country back from the fundamental transformation of the last eight years, is so important.”

With our new President implementing free-market policies, our economy has come roaring back. And this President has not been afraid to try a different approach to foreign policy issues than his predecessor. They all panicked when Trump met North Korea’s aggressive words with equally strong rhetoric. But it worked and North Korea met with the US for historic peace talks and seems to be following through on its commitments to move towards denuclearization. Time will tell. But the previous administration’s weak diplomacy did not accomplish this.

President Trump has also sought fairness and equity in our trade deals with other nations and boldly challenged NATO nations to pay their fair share for military defense. There is progress on these fronts as well.

If you get your news from CNN, MSNBC or other mainstream outlets all you hear about is the alleged Russian collusion that Trump used to steal the election, and how he supposedly sides with Putin over his intelligence agencies. This is a false narrative.

You hear that Trump is a racist, that he courts white supremacists because he secretly is one, that he hates Muslims and brown-skinned people, etc. None of this is accurate. It is part of the narrative that seeks to scapegoat Donald Trump for problems of racial tension that he did not create. Problems which in fact became much worse under Obama because Democrats tend to blame almost everything on hidden racism or misogyny.

Assuming that everyone who disagrees with you does so because they are racist or misogynistic is not only unreasonable but further divides. And it is not true. It’s simply part of the Democratic narrative.

In the upcoming midterm elections, I hope some will consider these thoughts. Are we on a good path economically that can be credited to policies enacted by the current administration? Is it sensible to believe that everyone who voted for Donald Trump did so because they are deplorable racists or xenophobic? Is there any evidence for this or is this just something the media and Democrats would like you to think because it gives them votes? Are white people and Christians really the enemy? Or should we be much more concerned about those who celebrate 9/11 as a good thing, and who want to rain down more 9/11s upon all our heads?

Democratic socialism is an unworkable fantasy that will not bring about utopia. People who voted for Trump are not in fact, the enemy. Yes, you’ll find some violent, unhinged extremists who hate others in any group, left or right. But most people simply want a better, safer, more prosperous country for themselves and their kids. The current administration has a path to get us there that is actually working. 


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It’s Not Islamophobia, It’s Common Sense

ahmad_rahami_2-large_transeo_i_u9apj8ruoebjoaht0k9u7hhrjvuo-zlengrumaToday, President Obama had these words to say about the recent attacks in New York and New Jersey and commented also on “fear.”

You know, at moments like this, I think it’s important to remember what terrorists and violent extremists are trying to do. They are trying to hurt innocent people but they also wanna inspire fear in all of us and disrupt the way we live to undermine our values. And so even as we have to be vigilant and aggressive both in preventing senseless acts of violence but also making sure that we find those who carry out such acts and bring them to justice, we all have a role to play as citizens in making sure that we don’t succumb to that fear…

By showing those who want to do us harm that they will never beat us, by showing the entire world that as Americans we do not and never will give in to fear, that’s going to be the MOST IMPORTANT ingredient in us defeating those who would carry out terrorist acts against us, Obama said.

Of course, our nation should bravely stand up to this enemy and not cower in fear… but is that what the President means when he speaks of not giving in to “fear”? It seems not. Judging from previous statements both he and his spokespeople have made, when the Administration speaks of “fear”in regard to Islamic terrorism they are talking about “fear of Muslims” (Islamophobia).  We should not give in to irrational fear of Muslims, he argues, because it is not all Muslims who commit these heinous acts, only the radical few. But virtually everyone on the left and the right already acknowledges this point. Everyone agrees that not all Muslims do these things.  This is a non-issue.

But they claim, this is about winning the battle for the “narrative.”  White House spokesman Josh Earnest said in an interview with Fox News, “ISIL is trying to assert a narrative, that they represent the religion of Islam in a war against the west and in a war against the United States. That is mythology. That is falsehood. That is not true. That is bankrupt ideology they are trying to wrap in the cloak of Islam. And to suggest that somehow we should treat Muslims differently or suspect them as terrorists just because of their religion.”

But Martha McCallum countered this well:

This is the ISIS narrative. This is what they said in their recent publication. ISIS states that disbelievers should be slain wherever they may be. This includes the businessman riding to work in the taxi cab, young adults in engaged in sports activities in park, the old men waiting in line and buying a sandwich, striking terror into the hearts of all non-believers, Muslims and non-Muslims is the Muslim duty. So what people have a hard time with you know—you have to take them at their word they mean to do what they say because we see it happening here in the United States. So, it feels sometimes like the White House doesn’t like to make the connection between those two things. Is that wrong?

McCallum is exactly correct.  The White House fails to draw the plain connection between ISIS’s ideology and its reprehensible acts of violence and terrorism across the globe. No one cares if this represents true Islam or not.  We only don’t want to see more people die at their hands.

Further, it is nothing but slander to claim Republicans and others who point to the obvious Islamic element in the attacks do so out of a some vendetta against the religion of Islam. It is not “fear” that motivates so many to view ISIS as a serious, growing threat (not “on the run”, not “failed”, but spreading), and to see it as a movement inspired by a particular Muslim ideology (not just people who lack jobs, or people paying back America for its supposed imperialism). It is is simply to open one’s eyes and see the obvious. We recognize the specific Islamic-element in the ISIS terrorist threat.  Thus it isn’t “Islamophobia” which drives proposals to adjust American border policy accordingly to prevent people with an evil ideology and murderous intentions from doing us harm. No, the border proposals of Donald Trump and others are not  Islamophobic, but common sense realism.

The President claims the MOST important ingredient in defeating these terrorist attacks is that Americans don’t succumb to “fear” (i.e., xenophobia or Islamophobia). But is that our most urgent priority in order to stop terrorism?  Of course not. The priority is not to look inward and decide whether or not we feel an “inappropriate” fear towards Muslims.  Rather, we must stop these attacks by gathering intelligence that strategically takes into account the plainly Islamic element in most of these incidents, not downplaying this element virtually every time such an attack takes place.  Of course there are some bigoted, Islamophobic Americans. But growing alarm over the widespread terrorism that originates from an ideological view overflowing with hatred towards Westerners, Americans and the “infidel” is not Islamophobic.  It is to understand the existential threat to our lives and to our way of life. This is simply about self-preservation.

This evidence-based approach to our priorities on terrorism and the border is followed by only one of the two chief candidates for President. Hillary Clinton sides with the President’s ideologically-based, making-fear-of-Muslims-the-priority approach. Accordingly, she thinks it no big deal to welcome into America thousands of refugees from Muslim populations, not taking into consideration that top security forces warn all these refugees cannot be properly vetted and that ISIS has pledged to infiltrate by this means. Donald Trump, on the other hand, acknowledges facts– the radical Islamic element in these ongoing attacks– and proposes “extreme vetting”and other measures to prevent ISIS infiltration– a strategy which of course is not racist, xenophobic or lacking in compassion, but practical and life-saving.  His compassion for Americans is expressed in the fact that he wants to enact policies to ensure Americans are kept safe.

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Presidential Election 2016: What this Election is Really About

l_148007_075532_updates“In the end, this isn’t really about Hillary Clinton. It’s about conservatism, and the fact that it’s resilient enough to survive a single election.”

Heather Wilhelm, National Review

Thus concluded the misguided piece in the National Review— a Hillary win wouldn’t be catastrophic for conservatism, because conservatism can always recoup and go on to win another day.  Are they really so sure?  If Hillary Clinton has another 4 to 8 years to shape the American landscape via the courts, building on the liberal progressive agenda/legacy of the current Administration, conservatism will be in a much more crippled position from which to mount any “comeback”, if it can at all.

Anyway, the election is not primarily about conservatism. It’s about America– the downward, leftist trajectory we’ve been on that many Americans didn’t see coming when they elected Barack Obama, but now recognize and want desperately to stop!

Anyway, the election is not about primarily about conservatism. It’s about America– the downward, leftist trajectory we’ve been on that many Americans didn’t see coming when they elected Barack Obama, but now recognize and want desperately to stop!

This election is about seeing our nation taken over by political correctness run amok, driven by leftist ideology that robs people of freedom of speech because it tolerates no other points of view. It’s about wanting to stay ALIVE and not be murdered by terrorists on our own soil, yet seeing our leadership consistently downplay the reality of Islamic terrorism.  They do so under the tortured logic that if we acknowledge the obvious- that the terrorism which threatens us and the globe is perpetrated by those operating under the Islamic banner– we will automatically spark massive Islamophobia, which will in turn radicalize moderate Muslims and make already radical Muslims terrorize us all the more. Therefore this Administration has for years followed the policy that making nice with such folks is the way to avoid war and avoid provoking more attacks.  It ain’t working. This kind of delusional thinking is what brought us the Iran deal– releasing billions and transferring millions in unmarked cash to a nation unswervingly dedicated to our destruction and sponsoring terrorism around the globe!  Could anyone have conceived just after 9/11 that on the eve of the 15th anniversary of that attack, which resulted in the deaths of over three thousand Americans, that a President of the US would consider it a great legacy to be releasing billions of dollars into the hands of the worlds #1 terrorism sponsor, Iran?  Or that there would follow hundreds more acts of Islamically-motivated terrorism around the globe, yet the worst sin possible would be to connect the dots between Islam and terrorism, because this is “Islamophobic”?  Again, this strange and dangerous thinking leads to risking American lives as we bring in thousands of un-vettable Islamic refugees– better this than being called Islamophobes!

Having elected a black President twice, and in the face of this insanity, Americans still have to put up with being constantly called racist, sexist, xenophobic and homophobic by folks who use these obviously false charges to manipulate, divide and conquer– in other words, as a cynical ploy for votes.  Hypocritically, Democrats denounce as fear-mongering that Republicans simply point out how deep and lousy is the crap-hole we’re in, yet they purposely incite fears in their constituents by misrepresenting the motivations of Donald Trump and his supporters.

So what is this election really about? The survival of conservatism? A lot more.  I believe this election will be a referendum on the past 8 years of division and anti-American sentiment sown by this Administration. It’s about survival. It’s about the desire to regain pride in one’s country; to not be ashamed to stand up and honor the American flag, stand for our national anthem, and honor our true heroes– those who put their lives on the line daily to keep us safe and free.  It’s about recognizing and being grateful for what an amazing, free, compassionate country we have.

What is this election really about?… It’s about survival.  It’s about the desire to regain pride in one’s country; to not be ashamed to stand up and honor the American flag, stand up for our national anthem, and honor our true heroes– those who put their lives on the line daily to keep us safe and free. It’s about recognizing and being grateful for what an amazing, free, compassionate country we have.

Why are millions of immigrants clamoring to come here? Because we offer great freedom and opportunity. But of course this freedom and opportunity didn’t just magically happen. It was built on a system of laws and government shaped by Western, Judeo-Christian values. And while our system is not perfect, the tremendous freedom and prosperity we have enjoyed arose from free market capitalism also tied to our Western system and values. Is it too much to ask that those who enter America to enjoy all our freedom and benefits obey our rules and honor our way of life?

But the nincompoops in charge are deliberately throwing away everything that made our system work, to replace it with failed liberal socialism. They seem to care not a whit about letting in folks who have no intention of assimilation, nor to consider the impact of taxing our already severely overburdened economy with millions who are not going to be paying their fair share if they come in illegally.  We are a nation of immigrants, they proclaim!  Yes, morons, but no one is against immigrants.

Their progressive goals are being pursued on many fronts, as they steadily push their ideology through media, academia, the education system, arts and entertainment.  But it ultimately is about controlling the laws and the courts.  In view of where our country is rapidly headed, stopping Hillary becomes paramount, and this isn’t primarily about whether conservatism remains viable. It is about the survival of our uniqueness as a country. Obama does not see this uniqueness. Neither do the Clintons. Trump sees it and that is why I believe he will win– because Americans see it and moreover, they believe in it.  Trump is not a savior and has personal flaws, but his vision of making America great again is one that resonates.  As for conservatism, if we lose America, our pure conservatism won’t be of much use.

Stopping Hillary becomes paramount, and this isn’t primarily about whether conservatism remains viable. It is about the survival of our uniqueness as a country. Obama does not see this uniqueness. Neither do the Clintons. Trump sees it and that is why I believe he will win– because Americans see it and moreover, they believe in it. Trump is not a savior and has personal flaws, but his vision of making America great again is one that resonates. As for conservatism, if we lose America, our pure conservatism won’t be of much use.

Let’s not let that happen.  Vote for the Trump/Pence ticket in 2016, to stop the progressive machine, and to restore a sense of pride in America.

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Hillary/Obama Logic vs. Real Logic


Let’s review again:

As Secretary of State Hillary Clinton recklessly, in violation of government rules and reasonable common sense, used an unsecured private server for email communications, which endangered national security by exposing sensitive classified information to our enemies. She failed to preserve all those emails as required but instead destroyed them, and to cap it off, repeatedly lied about this to the public. Now, she thinks she deserves a promotion?! (This doesn’t even factor in the debacle in Benghazi for which she was also investigated and proven a liar, and wherein her incompetence is at least in part responsible for the deaths of four brave Americans).

Well, that’s Hillary/Obama logic. American logic ought to say in response:

“Mrs. Hilton, you’re out of order. A person who fails in lesser duties to do that required of them, and exposes America to serious harm, and expresses no regret but rather refuses to be accountable for their actions, does not deserve a promotion to higher duties! You have escaped justice for the moment, using your powerful White House connections. But at the ballot box, God willing, the American people will execute their own justice and you will be sent home. And if there is any justice left in this world, the next President will re-open this case and correct this travesty of justice today, and you will indeed face the proper consequences for your actions.”

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On World Stage, PM Netanyahu Delivers Bold Address to Congress

Prime Minister of Israel Netanyahu today delivered a bold, stirring speech before Congress, using plain language to explain that the deal currently underway with Iran is a “very bad deal”. It was nonetheless a gracious speech, in which he thanked Congress and America in its tradition of helping and standing with Israel.  He acknowledged both President Obama and Secretary of State Kerry for their efforts on behalf of Israel, despite the fact that these leaders were notably absent, having snubbed Netanyahu’s visit to Washington. Invited to address Congress by Speaker of the House John Boehner, Netanyahu seized the chance, knowing the platform gave him opportunity to make his case before the watching world.   Accordingly he made an impassioned plea for the peace and survival of the Jewish nation of Israel, which he linked with the peace and survival of America and indeed, of the entire planet.

Netanyahu simply reminded listeners that Iran’s long history of aggression against other nations, its pattern of not abiding by its agreements, its repeated threats against America and against Israel, its support for and exportation of terrorism around the globe, makes it a nation not to be trusted in the current negotiations.  He explained that the deal in progress allows Iran to continue building up a massive centrifuge capacity, which would eventually enable Iran to develop a powerful arsenal of nuclear weapons. Though the deal imposes certain restrictions, such as ongoing inspections, he argued that inspections only document infractions, and do not prevent them, as shown historically.  Therefore, rather than stopping the proliferation of nuclear weapons, ultimately the deal “paves Iran’s path to the bomb”, which will in turn spark an arms race in the Middle East region as other nations arm themselves against a nuclear Iran.

With lifting of economic sanctions and its economy strengthened, Netanyahu argued Iran would only be emboldened to carry out further aggression.

Would Iran be less aggressive when sanctions are removed and its economy is stronger? If Iran is gobbling up four countries right now while it’s under sanctions, how many more countries will Iran devour when sanctions are lifted? Would Iran fund less terrorism when it has mountains of cash with which to fund more terrorism?  Why should Iran’s radical regime change for the better when it can enjoy the best of both world’s: aggression abroad, prosperity at home?

Netanyahu’s speech exposed the naivety (ideologically-induced blindness?) of the current Administration’ negotiations with Iran.  He dismissed the idea that Iran’s already attained nuclear know-how and program is so advanced that it makes their attainment of nuclear weapons inevitable, saying that Iran won’t be able to make bombs in the future without a complete nuclear infrastructure of “thousands of centrifuges, tons of enriched uranium or heavy water facilities.”  Netanyahu insisted we can prevent Iran from attaining such an infrastructure, rolling back their nuclear program “well beyond the current proposal, by insisting on a better deal and keeping up the pressure on a very vulnerable regime, especially given the recent collapse in the price of oil.”

Netanyahu summed up the choice before us:

Ladies and gentlemen, history has placed us at a fateful crossroads. We must now choose between two paths. One path leads to a bad deal that will at best curtail Iran’s nuclear ambitions for a while, but it will inexorably lead to a nuclear-armed Iran whose unbridled aggression will inevitably lead to war.  The second path, however difficult, could lead to a much better deal, that would prevent a nuclear-armed Iran, a nuclearized Middle East and the horrific consequences of both to all of humanity.

Netanyahu boldly declared “even if Israel has to stand alone, Israel will stand”, asserting that “the days when the Jewish people remained passive in the face of genocidal enemies, those days are over.”  Yet Netanyahu, reciting and recalling America’s long history of aiding Israel, remains hopefully confident America will indeed stand with Israel. “You stand with Israel, because you know that the story of Israel is not only the story of the Jewish people but of the human spirit that refuses again and again to succumb to history’s horrors.”  Quoting in Hebrew the words of Moses, Netanyahu ended his speech urging America and Israel to stand together in the face of those who would by violence remove freedom from us all.  “Be strong and resolute, neither fear nor dread them.”

Netanyahu’s refreshing speech was simply spoken, yet bold.  He sees the enemy the world faces (a regime bent on world denomination) with clear-eyed realism, and asks for help as his nation seeks to defend its peace and ensure its survival in the face of threats of annihilation.  How transformed might American foreign policy be, guided by the same rational assessment of the real dangers it faces in the world today.


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Mr. President, You’re Fired! Obamacare, the Lousy Economy and Benghazigate

Every recent US Presidential election has been deemed a critical one– but the stakes in this election are indeed exceedingly high and portentous for the future of America. Why? Because when President Obama came into power he said he was doing so with the intention of “fundamentally transforming” America.  Many thought he meant this merely in regard to the way politics is done in America, that he would somehow operate in bipartisan fashion (which he utterly failed to do). But over these past 4 years Obama has shown us exactly what he means by “transforming America” — he is in the process of creating a government state that will have increasing power over Americans and their liberty.  He has started America down the road to socialism with Obamacare.  In the process, he failed to deliver on his promises to turn around the economy and to become a unifying rather than a dividing figure.  In addition, the Obama Administration’s response to the September 11 attack that killed our Ambassador Chris Stevens and three other brave American men serving in Libya has been, not only a great tragedy, but symbolic of the failure of Obama’s foreign policy in the Middle East.  President Obama’s handling of the situation demonstrates his lack of trustworthiness as a leader and a lack of fitness to be America’s Commander-in-Chief.  Thus, there are at least 3 important reasons we need to fire President Obama:  Obamacare, the terrible economic recovery, and the “Benghazigate” cover-up.


It is true that Obama came into power in the midst of a very deep recession, but with a resounding Democratic victory, he had lots of political capital to spend.  He chose to spend this capital by focusing his energy on radical reformation of the healthcare system during his first two years in office, rather than focusing on job creation.  His Administration’s signature achievement, the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, aka Obamacare, was an unpopular bill that most Americans were against and which received zero votes from Republicans. A 2,700 page monstrosity of rules and regulations, Former Speaker Nancy Pelosi famously said we’d have to pass it to know what’s in it. Needless to say, the legislation was not posted at a website for public comment as Obama promised all his legislation would be.  Instead it was pushed through in the most partisan fashion, when the opportunity (a 60 seat Democratic Senate majority) presented itself.

Obamacare is the symbol of this Administration’s way of doing things and of its political philosophy. When this Administration doesn’t agree with a law or policy,  it circumvents it by non-enforcement.  On issues such as gay rights, drug enforcement, Internet gambling, school achievement standards, immigration, defense of marriage, and welfare reform, “the administration has chosen to achieve its goals by a method best described as passive-aggressive”, reports Steve Friess.  This bypassing of established law sets a dangerous precedent for the executive branch of government.  Yet such a methodology fits an Administration that operates according to the philosophy that government always knows what’s best for the country, and that usually includes more government.

For Obama, the answer to poverty, the answer to a poor economy, the answer to education, etc. is inevitably increased government spending via more government programs.  Again, Obamacare symbolizes this– it imposed an unconstitutional mandate that forces Americans to buy insurance from the government, or pay a fine, in the form of a tax. Not only is this system a serious blow against freedom, but according to some studies it won’t improve health care nor reduce costs.  As Ann Coulter has argued, is government involvement really going to improve upon the private sector’s efficiency?  Obamacare is wrong for America- not just because critics advise that it will ultimately increase costs and reduce consumer choice, but because of the political philosophy it represents–  we-know-what’s-best-for-you government as the primary solution to societal ills, which leads to creation of huge, expensive and inefficient bureaucracies that dangerously concentrate power in government. Is Obamacare what America really needed in the midst of trying to emerge from a crippling recession? When he did turn his attention to the economy,  President Obama got what he requested–a $700 billion dollar stimulus package– yet this failed to turn around the economy, which continues at record levels of unemployment and anemic growth.  Adding Obamacare to our nation’s struggling economy was certainly not what the doctor ordered.

So President Obama gave us a healthcare program we didn’t ask for, all the while failing to deliver on his promises to dramatically turn around the economy and be a uniting rather than a dividing figure as President.  Amazingly, with broken promises and failed policies as his record, President Obama says to us now, “we’ve come too far to turn back now”!  Yes, we agree, we have gone too far down this road of failure.  Still, Obama without shame asks America to give him 4 more years to continue his fundamental “transformation” of our free country into one more dependent on government.

The Ailing Economy

While campaigning Obama in July 2008, Presidential candidate Obama said that adding $4 trillion in debt was “irresponsible” and “unpatriotic.” Obama was referring to the $3.764 trillion that had been added to the national debt during the seven and one-half years Bush had been president. Obama of course got his facts wrong when he falsely claimed President Bush increased the national debt by $4 trillion “by his lonesome.” When Speaker Pelosi took over Congress on January 3, 2007, the national debt was $8.7 trillion. So the Democrats must get some of the credit for one of the four trillion dollars candidate Obama tried to blame on Bush.

But as President, Obama has added in just four years an additional five and a half trillion dollars to the national debt!  Is President Obama now pointing the finger at himself as both irresponsible and unpatriotic?  No, but he’s still blaming the Bush years for the manifold failures to improve the economy that have happened under his watch:

  • 23 million Americans still unemployed
  • 43 straight months of 8 percent unemployment
  • Current unemployment at 7.8% same as when Obama took office
  • Household income down by about $4,000 dollars or -5%
  • 15 million more on food stamps
  • US credit rating downgraded for 1st time ever
  • 2011 budget increased total welfare spending to $953 billion, a 42 percent increase over welfare spending in 2008.
  • Through September 2012  job growth averaged 139,000 per month vs. an average monthly gain of 153,000 in 2011.  Job growth is decelerating.
  • Persons in poverty increased by 6.4 million
  • Gas prices are up 106%

To be fair, there are a few signs of growth in the economy under President Obama.  The stock market has rebounded, and consumer confidence index has risen to 86%, from 37.7 % from when he took office. We’re not losing jobs at the pace we previously were and have begun adding jobs.  Still, the pace of the recovery has been exceedingly slow under Obama’s economic policies — job growth is not keeping pace with population growth.  Comparing Obama’s recovery to both the Reagan and the Bush recoveries in a similar 29 month span, theirs created more jobs than Obama.  In addition, by this point in the Reagan and Bush job recoveries, the unemployment rate was 7.2% and 4.9% respectively, compared to Obama’s average of around 8%.

Of course, arguments about which economic policies work best are always contentious.  Competing experts tout statistics which support their opposing arguments.  The economy is a complex topic, so a healthy debate on this and other issues is most welcome.  Yet political discussion has become more and more a negative enterprise.  President Obama has betrayed his promise to rise above the partisan fray and has diminished the office of the Presidency with the tenor of his re-election campaign.   Of course, there is guilt on both sides, with all the highly negative ads and the strident tone of so much of the political conversation.  Nevertheless, Obama campaigned as a President who promised to be better than this kind of politics, yet has run a campaign chock full of petty attacks (“Big Bird, Binders and Bayonets”) .  He calls Mitt Romney a liar at every opportunity, even using crass language (BS’er) in an interview with Rolling Stones to do so.  A recent ad compares voting for Obama with being de-virginized.  Obama has not disavowed it.  Through it all, Obama claims Romney is not a man to be trusted, but points to himself as a man who can be trusted.  We must beg to differ. Which brings us to Benghazigate.


On the anniversary of September 11, our Libyan embassy was overtaken by hundreds of well-armed men who in the course of obliterating the embassy by burning it down, brutally murdered 4 Americans on what is considered sovereign American soil.  Despite the President’s closing campaign pitch as the man who can be trusted because he “means what he says”, evidence is mounting daily that President Obama and his Administration have been, and are now engaged, in a most serious cover-up of these tragic events in Libya that took the lives of four brave men: US Ambassador Chris Stevens, Former Navy Seals Tyrone Woods and Glen Dougherty, and U.S. Foreign Service Information Management Officer Sean Smith.  It is becoming apparent that although the Administration had ample forewarning of dangers in Libya  they failed to provide the mission with adequate security, denying the additional security measures the mission had requested prior to the attack.  They also apparently withheld available military aid during the attack (see the following articles for detailed reporting that supports these statements: Cable Shows Benghazi Consulate Not Prepared for Coordinated Attack, New Bombshells Rock Benghazi Scandal, Unfolding Benghazi Disaster Destroying American Confidence, The Obama Doctrine: American Lives Are Expendable, Behind the Benghazi Cover-up, Why Obama Chose to Let Them Die in Benghazi). This is horrific, and if true, the President and his team have much to answer for. One report claims “Ambassador Stevens was engaged in smuggling sizable quantities of Libyan arms from the destroyed Gaddafi regime to the Syrian rebels, to help overthrow the Assad regime in Syria.”

Whatever the true story, the Administration has not been forthcoming in providing details. How has the Administration responded to inquiries thus far?  First, they presented for weeks a phony narrative of a video being somehow behind the attack, and now, they’re stonewalling (until the election is safely past) claiming an investigation must first be completed in order to get to the bottom of what happened and answer the many pressing questions of the American people.

During the 2nd presidential debate, Obama used a clever word game to trip up his opponent.  Romney was attempting to point out the Obama Administration’s many days of delay before they definitively labeled the Libyan attacks as terrorism.  But Obama knew he had used the phrase “acts of terror” in his initial Rose Garden remarks about the embassy attacks, and used this fact to score a cheap debate point.

Obama implied that in his initial Rose Garden statement he was saying that he knew the Libyan attacks were terrorism from the beginning, when in fact he knew full well that his team spent the next two weeks following the Rose Garden remarks specifically denying the acts were terrorism!

Even debate moderator Candy Crowley, who in effect handed Obama a win on this point by interjecting herself into the debate, voiced her agreement with Romney on the latter.

In any case, if indeed President Obama was calling the acts terrorism in the Rose Garden, the Administration becomes all the more culpable, because they then have no excuse for the media campaign they conducted in the days that followed in which they emphatically denied these acts were terrorism, and instead continually pushed a narrative of a video protest gone wrong.  It was not until Sept 20, nine days after the attack, that Obama’s WH press secretary Carney stated that the Libyan attacks were a “self-evident” terrorist attack.  In these remarks, Carney acknowledged (contrary to the President’s debate insinuation) that the Administration had NOT called the Libyan acts terrorism prior to his statement.  But even as the Administration finally acknowledged these Libyan acts as terrorism, Carney still did not fully abandon the prior narrative, saying, “We do not have any specific intelligence that there was significant advanced planning or coordination for this attack.”  So here we have the Administration for the 1st time acknowledging that the acts in Libya were terrorism, yet at the same time still pressing the idea that these terrorist acts were somehow unplanned and uncoordinated.

Since much of the mainstream media has not given priority to this important but politically damaging story, it is not unreasonable to conclude they harbor bias towards re-election of President Obama.  But now, as even mainstream stations such as CBS, CNN and ABC  begin covering this story, I’m convinced the truth is going to emerge, even if only post-election.  The President owes the American people a full explanation of what happened in Libya– why these brave men died under his watch. The evidence gathered thus far indicts President Obama as, at best, guilty of gross incompetence and negligence, and at worst, guilty of calculated political coldness that was willing to let these brave Americans die.

Friends and fellow Americans, I believe President Obama has shown by both his actions and the governing philosophy behind them that he is not the man many thought they were electing.  He promised positive “hope and change”, fundamental transformation of business as usual in Washington, and transparency in government.  He made specific promises about where he thought the economy would be, if his stimulus was passed.  He has not delivered on any of the above.  Additionally he has shown a willingness to acts in ways that set a dangerous precedent for the executive branch of government by appointing unelected czars that wield incredible power, not enforcing laws he disagrees with and/or writing executive orders to work around them.  Obamacare seems to have been pushed through, not because Americans were clamoring for it, but because Obama and his team thought it was good policy and took advantage of a rare political opportunity to get it passed in partisan fashion.  Last but not least, President Obama and his team have misled the American people regarding the events that took place in Benghazi, apparently to protect their political interests.  This is not the kind of leadership America needs at this hour.  We need a leader who views America as great despite its flaws, one whose view of America is not so fundamentally negative that it feels compelled to essentially apologize for America’s ways.  As we can see from watching the news of our embassies under attack all over the world, this approach has not in fact earned the respect of our enemies around the world but has emboldened them to hate us and attack us all the more.

As a Christian, I also have other reasons for thinking Obama is not right for this country.  Perhaps I’ll share those reasons in my next post.  But for now I share with you the above thoughts and urge you to cast your vote for Mitt Romney for next President of the United States.  I commend the following articles to you for the positive case for supporting Mitt Romney:

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