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Challies: “I am not by nature an organized person”

In his latest post, How I Get Things Done, “iron-man” blogger Tim Challies declares,

I am not by nature an organized person!

Oh my goodness! OK, wait. So Tim Challies is not by nature an organized person, yet manages to be super-productive (at least from my vantage point). So using excellent technology tools must somehow make a person organized and productive, right? But like Tim, duh, I use technology too, ‘nough said. Thanks for sharing!

Actually, I often ask myself, with a mix of envy, admiration and exasperation, just how do folks like Challies get so much done? So I do appreciate the “insider’s” post about the secret technology that helps him with his productivity. But Tim, there’s more to it than that, right? If technology could make everyone as productive as you, well it would be worth buying it… all. But we all know that technology- in and of itself- doesn’t make the lazy guy stop being lazy, or the disorganized, unfocused person suddenly get on target.

So Tim, thanks for sharing the techno info, really, but puh-lease, let me/us know more about being organized from a heart perspective, brother. For I think that’s where the problem lies with most of us.

Have a blessed and productive day, my friend!



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