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These are my own songs that I have written and recorded.

A Reformed Dude Named Alex Jordan sings I Will by Paul McCartney

Readers of this blog who don’t know me too well probably think I’m very, very serious all the time, because I write on heavy topics like “hell”, I’m studying Reformed theology and seem to enjoy theological debates and quoting Scripture.   Well, I won’t deny that I have a serious side to my personality– we should be serious about serious topics!  But honestly, I’m really rather silly (when no one is looking) or at home, joking around with my wife (uh oh, this is sounding like Ann Romney’s speech last night about her husband Mitt Romney— how he’s so serious in public but in private makes her laugh all the time… it was a great speech, by the way).  Anyway, my wife could testify that I am quite the clown and that my humor is even a bit strange sometimes.

All that to say that I think sometimes we all get stereotyped because folks may know only one facet or aspect of one’s personality.  But all of us are more complex and interesting than that; we can’t be defined by just one thing.  And especially in the Internet age, you may be able to know something of what makes me tick from reading this blog, but of course this blog is just a public persona I present and of course doesn’t encapsulate who I am as a person.  On the other hand, I am trying to make this blog more reflective of my total personality, and I think reformed theology at its best is wholistic and tries to deal with man in his totality.  Anyway, here I am getting all serious again.

Today I want to share another side of myself– the musical side.  I am a Beatles music fan and to some that may seem out of place for one who professes to be a reformed Christian.  But I like the Beatles for their music.  I’m not following them in their philosophy, some of which I agree with and some of which I don’t.  I think talent is a gift from God, and I have always admired Paul McCartney’s way with a tune, which has inspired me in my own songwriting.  Anyway I have been meaning to post videos of songs (both original and covers), and keep procrastinating about it.  So tonight I just decided to record and post a quickie video of me singing Paul McCartney’s song “I Will”, from the Beatles’ White Album.  I recorded it using my Samsung Galaxy SII phone, and the results were not bad considering it’s just a phone.  For future videos I’ll be experimenting with better devices for recording both the audio and video, but right now, without further ado, may I present you my rendition of “I Will”.   Hope I “pass the audition”, as John L. once quipped.



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New Day, a song by Alex Jordan

Hey, this is yours truly, singing one of my original songs.  Every day we have is a new day with the Lord; a fresh start with Him, no matter what mistakes we made yesterday.  I hope you enjoy the song.

I will be recording more of my songs and posting them here soon.

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