Trump’s Policies Have Brought Jobs & Prosperity. Democratic Socialism Won’t

“We can’t just drill our way out of the problem.” 
Former President Obama.

Yes, we can. And did. And as a result, America is now the largest crude oil producer in the world

Mr. “You didn’t build that” Obama operates on the socialistic assumption that the government has to fix every problem. But the government can’t fix every problem. That’s not its proper function.

The government’s primary role is to keep Americans safe by enforcing our Constitution and laws, defending us against foreign threats, keeping terrorist threats at bay. This is one reason why border security is so paramount. Nothing to do with xenophobia.

Government helps solve other societal issues mainly by getting out of the way and letting American ingenuity and problem solvers do their thing.

In my view, President Trump understands this much better than former President Obama. That’s why he has deregulated the system and helped passed major tax reform that encouraged businesses to expand as well as helps new businesses get started. He also opened pipeline production that Obama was preventing. The current GDP rise to over 4% growth, thousands of new jobs coming back to the US shores, and more bonuses in the pockets of American workers, has been the predictable result. Jobless claims are way down as millions of new jobs have been created.  Former President Obama claimed that Trump would have no “magic wand” to bring jobs back, but Trump didn’t need to use magic, he simply encouraged capitalistic, free-market principles.

Former President Obama claimed that Trump would have no “magic wand” to bring jobs back, but Trump didn’t need to use magic, he simply encouraged capitalistic, free-market principles.

Democratic socialism— the latest trend– ignores reality. Someone still has pay for all the “free” stuff. The billions needed can’t just come out of all the rich people’s pockets. It comes out of everyone’s pocket. But even then it’s not sustainable. An economy generating income through new jobs and innovation is the fuel of prosperity, not costly social programs that will depend on taxing everyone into oblivion. Democratic socialism is wrong for America:

“Democratic socialism runs counter to the principles of American exceptionalism. That’s why removing the unnecessary regulations, lowering tax rates for all Americans and shifting the country back from the fundamental transformation of the last eight years, is so important.”

With our new President implementing free-market policies, our economy has come roaring back. And this President has not been afraid to try a different approach to foreign policy issues than his predecessor. They all panicked when Trump met North Korea’s aggressive words with equally strong rhetoric. But it worked and North Korea met with the US for historic peace talks and seems to be following through on its commitments to move towards denuclearization. Time will tell. But the previous administration’s weak diplomacy did not accomplish this.

President Trump has also sought fairness and equity in our trade deals with other nations and boldly challenged NATO nations to pay their fair share for military defense. There is progress on these fronts as well.

If you get your news from CNN, MSNBC or other mainstream outlets all you hear about is the alleged Russian collusion that Trump used to steal the election, and how he supposedly sides with Putin over his intelligence agencies. This is a false narrative.

You hear that Trump is a racist, that he courts white supremacists because he secretly is one, that he hates Muslims and brown-skinned people, etc. None of this is accurate. It is part of the narrative that seeks to scapegoat Donald Trump for problems of racial tension that he did not create. Problems which in fact became much worse under Obama because Democrats tend to blame almost everything on hidden racism or misogyny.

Assuming that everyone who disagrees with you does so because they are racist or misogynistic is not only unreasonable but further divides. And it is not true. It’s simply part of the Democratic narrative.

In the upcoming midterm elections, I hope some will consider these thoughts. Are we on a good path economically that can be credited to policies enacted by the current administration? Is it sensible to believe that everyone who voted for Donald Trump did so because they are deplorable racists or xenophobic? Is there any evidence for this or is this just something the media and Democrats would like you to think because it gives them votes? Are white people and Christians really the enemy? Or should we be much more concerned about those who celebrate 9/11 as a good thing, and who want to rain down more 9/11s upon all our heads?

Democratic socialism is an unworkable fantasy that will not bring about utopia. People who voted for Trump are not in fact, the enemy. Yes, you’ll find some violent, unhinged extremists who hate others in any group, left or right. But most people simply want a better, safer, more prosperous country for themselves and their kids. The current administration has a path to get us there that is actually working. 


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