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Give us a break, Hillary- Mishandling Classified Information isn’t just a “Mistake”

49014067.cachedThe Secretary of State is a senior official of the federal government of the United States of America heading the U.S. Department of State, principally concerned with foreign policy…

In the course of carrying out their duties a Secretary receives and send highly classified information, info that in the wrong hands can be used to harm American interests. For this reason the government has guidelines to protect this information that call for it to be transmitted via a government-secured system. Additionally, the State Department’s rules specify that personal records of a departing presidential appointee may NOT be removed from the government until/if the State Department approves and oversees this process by examining the emails.

Despite the dangers, and flouting these common-sense guidelines, Hillary Clinton decided to use a private email server and her own email account. The manner in which emails containing classified info was handled was both “extremely careless” and not “reasonable” (according to FBI Director James Comey’s thorough investigation. That he decided not to prosecute despite his finding is outrageous and smacks of crony bias towards Clinton). Clinton’s extremely poor judgment on these matters of national importance is surpassed only by the arrogance and deception she displays in defending her practices. She told the following lies about her emails, all of which have been confirmed by FBI Director Comey as untrue:

1. Nothing marked classified on emails sent/received
2. Did not email any classified material
3. Used just one device for convenience
4. All work-related emails returned to State Dept.
5. No work-related emails deleted from her personal account
6. Her lawyers read all emails individually

We do not need as Commander-in-Chief someone who still doesn’t understand that her “mistake” was not in using a single email account– but in setting up a private, unaccountable, unsecured  system and using it to transmit classified information, risking American national security in the process. We don’t need a Commander-in-Chief that tells lies so casually.  This was no little mistake.  For less well-connected people, it would be a crime.

#NeverHillary #TrumpPence16

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Hillary/Obama Logic vs. Real Logic


Let’s review again:

As Secretary of State Hillary Clinton recklessly, in violation of government rules and reasonable common sense, used an unsecured private server for email communications, which endangered national security by exposing sensitive classified information to our enemies. She failed to preserve all those emails as required but instead destroyed them, and to cap it off, repeatedly lied about this to the public. Now, she thinks she deserves a promotion?! (This doesn’t even factor in the debacle in Benghazi for which she was also investigated and proven a liar, and wherein her incompetence is at least in part responsible for the deaths of four brave Americans).

Well, that’s Hillary/Obama logic. American logic ought to say in response:

“Mrs. Hilton, you’re out of order. A person who fails in lesser duties to do that required of them, and exposes America to serious harm, and expresses no regret but rather refuses to be accountable for their actions, does not deserve a promotion to higher duties! You have escaped justice for the moment, using your powerful White House connections. But at the ballot box, God willing, the American people will execute their own justice and you will be sent home. And if there is any justice left in this world, the next President will re-open this case and correct this travesty of justice today, and you will indeed face the proper consequences for your actions.”

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