The Presidency Demands Maturity & Principles

Mr. Trump’s critics have been pointing out that Trump is no conservative despite his many protestations to the contrary.  His numerous previously stated liberal positions, as well as his current incoherent stance on Obamacare, tend to contradict his claims.  Trump’s so-called conservatism is inconsistent at best.  For example, in his CNN Townhall sitdown with Anderson Cooper, Mr. Trump said about Obamacare:
“I like the mandate…I don’t want people dying in the streets.”
Well, to borrow his phrase, “excuse me” Mr. Trump, but what is wrong with Obamacare above all else is its central mandate- that one must buy healthcare from the government or be taxed/fined.  This mandate is unconstitutional, un-American, and anti-liberty.   The Supreme Court decision that made this possible was unprecedented, and flat-out wrong. Other Presidential candidates such as Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio understand this, in contrast to Mr. Trump.  How is Trump going to “repeal and replace” Obamacare when he currently (not 10 years ago) believes its central unconstitutional (and unconservative) principle- the mandate- must continue and defends it using a liberal talking point? Answer:  Obamacare will not be repealed or replaced properly by someone who holds such a view.  
In the last GOP debate Trump accused the last Republican President and leadership of being liars who launched the US into the Iraq War under false pretenses. Wow.  For a so-called Republican to make this charge against a former President, with millions watching, and again, using the Democrats’ own playbook– is a disgrace.  And now when challenged, Mr. Trump seems to want us to forget that he called the Bush administration liars a few days before.  Whatever one thinks of the Bush administration’s decision to enter the Iraq War, it is irresponsible and unseemly for the currently leading Republican candidate to make such accusations about a Republican President.  This manner of attacking others has been a consistent pattern for Mr. Trump. But being brash, bold, politically incorrect, un-beholden to special interests, or whatever, does not justify or excuse the boorish, reckless words that come out of Donald Trump’s mouth.
Being brash, bold, politically incorrect, un-beholden to special interests, etc., does not justify or excuse the boorish, reckless words that come out of Donald Trump’s mouth.
The President’s most important task is to protect the security of America as Commander-in-Chief of the world’s most powerful army. This demands a person of mature character, not only strong and resolute, but also cool in judgment, certainly, not a hothead.   Judging by his behavior merely throughout the course of his presidential campaign, the egotistical, thin-skinned Trump woefully fails to meet this standard.  From the beginning of his campaign Trump has uttered rash and even crude words; and has engaged in juvenile, petty fights with anyone he perceives as the slightest threat to his election chances.  Baseless ad hominem attacks against others has been his modus operandi.  We need a Commander-in-Chief made of better stuff than this.  As I have said before, the fact that the President is not our Pastor-in-Chief doesn’t mean he ought not to be a man of principle, nobility and wise words.
The fact that the President is not our Pastor-in-Chief doesn’t mean he ought not to be a man of principle, nobility and wise words.
 Character counts– it reveals the kind of person someone is– what governs them as human beings, and helps us predict what they would do under challenging circumstances.  Of course according to Scripture all human beings are sinful, and therefore all sin and make mistakes.   We ought to be gracious towards the sins and mistakes of others, recognizing we ourselves are deeply flawed.  Nevertheless, in everyday life we still hold people accountable for their actions and evaluate character based on fruit (actions).  For example, when hiring someone for a job, we look for evidence (their past record) that they not only have the skills necessary to perform the sought after job with excellence, but also the maturity to perform the work ethically and responsibly.   Presidential candidates are seeking perhaps the most important job in the world -President of the United States- one that involves more grave and sobering responsibilities than most.  We as voters also have a serious task before us, and must exercise great wisdom and responsibility ourselves, as we choose our next President.  Many conservative voters, motivated by justifiable anger and frustration with the status quo, have been aligning behind Mr.Trump, who on the surface promises to break through political correctness and empty promises to get things done.  I share the frustration of many.  Nevertheless,  it is my view that Mr. Trump has neither by actions or words, demonstrated the consistency of principle, the depth of character, the nuance and clarity of position, or the maturity that would make him the best qualified person to become President of the United States.

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