A Reformed Dude named Alex Jordan Sings “Yesterday” by Paul McCartney

A couple of nights back, I posted my video cover of Paul McCartney’s “I Will” (from the Beatles “White” Album.  Along with the video upload, I also wrote a little piece to say that Reformed people (like myself) are not necessarily terribly serious all the time.   There are many sides to us, just as there’s many aspects to most of us, but whether you’ll enjoy all the “sides” is determined by whose side you’re on, and also, by the size of your appetite.  Drum roll, hit the high hat.  OK, so Reformed folk try to be funny sometimes… doesn’t always work.

Anyway, so when I posted “I Will” a commenter said they loved “Scrambled Eggs”.  A rather strange comment, but knowing Beatles folklore I knew what they really meant is that they like Paul McCartney’s most famous song, “Yesterday (a tune whose working title, pre-lyric, was, you guessed it, “Scrambled Eggs”).  The comment seemed a coy, indirect way of saying, “please record and post “Yesterday”, reformed dude!”  I confirmed that indeed this is what they wanted, and since I really like the tune and I’m eager to please; also, I want to practice making videos of me singing covers; I have now recorded my version of Yesterday, again using my cell phone videocam.  This time, I did add a bit of effects to the video/audio to enhance the quality.  So without further delay and cutting short these somewhat silly verbal preliminaries, I present to you, “Yesterday”, sung by me, Alex Jordan, on my Taylor acoustic.


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  1. now thats what im talking about! 🙂

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