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I’ve fallen behind with blogging.  Again.  Here are my excuses:

1) Recently I joined Google+, Google’s new social network and answer to Facebook.  I like it quite a lot, as the system is built upon “Circles”, a way of organizing friends and following content I think makes more sense than Facebook.  So I’ve been learning my way around Google+, updated my profile there, and have been sharing many items over there (by the way, if you want an invite, let me know in the comments);

2) I’ve been posting exceedingly long comments in the comments discussion of an article Is it Okay for Christians to Believe in the Doctrine of Hell But Not Like It? by Kevin DeYoung (these comments could easily have been turned a blog post here– maybe I’ll do that);

3) Went to see Paul McCartney in concert last Saturday;

4) Was sick with a bad chest cold a few days last week;

5) Put together a surprise birthday party for my wife, in which a really good time was had by all;

6) I’m playing with my cat too much, as she is very demanding of my attention;

7) I’ve actually been working on new article, but not posting it.

All of the above are really true (well maybe # 6 is a bit of an exaggeration)– and, I have been working on an exceedingly long  post in my eternal series on hell (pun intended), but keep getting distracted from completing it.

But honestly, the truth is I’m pre-occupied with trying to figure out my next 5 year plan, and making tough but needed decisions about career/ministry/seminary direction.  Integration of effort is what is needed, on many fronts.   Perhaps I can find a way to post to Google+, Twitter and Facebook each time I post here.   But “big picture” integration is what I’m most after– to figure out how to integrate my various passions and gifts in a more focused, fruitful way, and, of course, to stay vitally connected with God as I do so.


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